Hell Greatest Concern (Luke 16: 27-31)

The rich man in hell had 2 concerns: (1) that maybe some way he might be relieved of his awful suffering. Abraham of course assured him that there was no way that he could ever be released. That tells us, that once a man dies, his character is fixed forever. When a man dies there is no second chance, there is no parole there is no reprieve, and there is no appeal. His character is fixed forever. This man did not love God on earth; he didn’t love God in hell. He didn’t repent on earth, he couldn’t repent in hell. As a man dies, so he remains for all eternity. (2) This second concern overpowered the first. Since I cannot get out then I want you to make sure that somebody wins my 5 brothers so that they don’t come here. This man loved his 5 brothers on earth and he still loved them in hell.

Some have foolishly made the statement, “If I go to hell I will have plenty of company.” The truth is that people in hell don’t want anymore company. They don’t want anybody else to come and especially members of their own family. So he said I want you to do something to see that my 5 brothers get saved so that they don’t come where I am. What kind of place is hell if the people who are there don’t want to see anyone else come to that terrible place? So we must conclude that the greatest concern of hell is for Christians on earth to win lost souls so that they don’t go to that terrible place. The greatest concern of hell is soul winning.

About Outreach International Foundation Ministry

Outreach International Foundation Ministry and Tamike Brown Ministries is an evangelistic ministry that is on Fire for God and is determined to see people “Saved” from all parts of the world. Reaching out to change lives through the Power of God's Holy Word. Changing a Nation to the Glory of God. Salvation With Fire. We offer Biblical training that will empower and encourage churches to confidently win the souls within their communities, cities, and states to the Kingdom of God; by sharing their faith of the Gospel of Jesus with an understanding that will bring about everlasting change in the lives of all people who receive Jesus as their Lord and Personal Savior. Outreach International Foundation Ministry P.O. Box 490933 Atlanta, GA 30349 Outreach.int.foundation@gmail.com 678.951.9276
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2 Responses to Hell Greatest Concern (Luke 16: 27-31)

  1. tonirolle says:

    Very good article. I have shared this on my facebook. Thank you.

  2. tonirolle says:

    God Bless this Ministry!

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