Let’s Get Back In the War Room And Pray!

It’s time to get back to praying. Let the power of God’s Fire ignite in us to get back to praying like we use to years ago. When the enemy turn up the heat, you have to turn it up in prayer! When things are not going the way it should be going in your life according to the Word of God, an enemy has done this! Somewhere you gave the enemy access. Get back to praying and take the keys back. Take back everything the devil stole from you. You can no longer do things the way the world does it. The world says it doesn’t take all that!  God says pray without ceasing! Because there’s a devil going around like a roaring lion seeking whomever he can devour. He come to still, kill, and destroy (1 Thessalonians 5: 15-18)We should never get slack in praying. Don’t stop praying. You can’t afford not to pray. WWRP.Image.Feb.ArticleA pray less life is a defeated life. When trouble is all around you check your prayer life. Are you praying like you use too when you got your first breakthrough or did you get your breakthrough and then you said you was through? Don’t you know what you did to get that first breakthrough you will have to continue to do the same thing for future breakthroughs?  Never get to a point where you feel like you have arrive without prayer. Prayer has to become a lifestyle and not something we do every now and then. If I can add, we really should be living a life of fasting and praying. Because Jesus said some things require fasting and prayer. When you’re living a life style of fasting and praying your spirit is in tune with God’s Spirit. You can hear from God clearly.  You can think clearly. You have a keen spirit whereas you’re sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. When the attacks and storms of life comes your way, you’re better equipped to handle it when you’re plugged into the power of prayer.  Prayer changes everything. When you live a life of fasting and praying you’re not ignorant of Satan devices. Exactly what is prayer? Prayer is our direct communication line with heaven. It grant us access to God. Prayer is the process that allow us to talk to God and God talk to us, and we hear Him. It involves praying the Word of God.  Saying to God what He has already said to us in His Word. Prayer is a divine connection with the Father.  Spirit to Spirit.  Your spirit bear witness with the Father’s Spirit and His Word. It’s a time of meditation and concentration. It’s in the presence of God where God is going to speak to you. It’s in His presence where He will give you clear directions and instructions concerning the will of God for your life. It is in His presence He rebukes and correct you because He loves you. In His presence He comfort and strengthen you when you’re going through. When coming to God in prayer it’s important to make sure we cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit. Perfecting holiness in the fear of God. (2 Corinthians 7:1). Otherwise, our prayers will not be effective. As the psalmist writes, if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me. (Psalm 66:18). The Scripture tells us … therefore that men pray everywhere lifting up holy hands without wrath and doubting. (1 Timothy 2:8). People in the Bible prayed during battle, in a cave, in a closet, in a garden, on a mountainside, by a river, by the sea, in the street, in Hades, in bed, in a home, in a prison, in the wilderness, and inside a fish. There’s no reason as to why you can’t pray.  You have to make time.  Daniel prayed to God three times a day. We should pray for each other.  Jesus set an example for us on what to pray. He prayed for His disciples and for every generation to come that would follow Him. His prayer was that God protect and strengthen them as long as they were in this world. Jesus also prayed for those who would come to believe in Him through the Gospel message (John 17). When a person is without a prayer life you give the devil access into your life. You give the enemy permission to enter your home and or possibly even wreck your home. He already peeped into your future and he see how God is getting ready to elevate you. Satin can’t operate without a body so don’t grant him access.  Get back to praying and pray without ceasing. It’s your battle ground! WWP-image.blogBecause whatever you allow God allows it! The bible also tells us to watch and pray!  Many of us are watching but we’re not praying. When you’re prayed up you’re strong in the Lord and in the power of His might; therefore you take on the whole Armor of God so you’ll be able to stand in the evil days when the enemy throws his attacks on you. Because the attacks, storms, and persecutions will come. It will form but is shall not prosper when your loins are girted up with truth and you have on the breastplate of righteousness. In prayer your feet will be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. In prayer you take on the shield of faith where you’ll be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. It is In prayer you put on the helmet of Salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. In other words, if the devil even thinks about coming near you or your family; he will blow up! Because you’re like a talking; walking; atomic bomb ready for battle with the sword of the spirit. Therefore, pray always with prayer and supplication in the Spirit and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all Saints. (Ephesians 6: 10-18) Prayer now days doesn’t seem to be a necessity for many which is a trick of the enemy to make you think you can do it without God. Not so!  It’s to a point whereas people can’t even seem to pray for 15 minutes yet alone an hour. The way things are in the world today we must pray without ceasing. We’re dealing with big demons from day-to-day. Spiritual wickedness and principalities in high places. It’s bigger than you and I! It is a necessity to labor in prayer! When you are a person of prayer, no weapon formed against you will be able to prosper (Isaiah 54:17). The weapon may form but is shall not prosper! A praying person shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. You will continue to always flow in the Anointing of God with Power; Holy Boldness; the Fire of God; Grace Anointing; the Wisdom of God; the Strength of God; Increase Faith, and Divine revelations that flows from God when you live a consecrated prayer life.  You will bring forth your fruit in your season. Whatever fruit you’re supposed to bear in your season it will come forth. Your leaf shall not wither. You will never dry out or run out because whatsoever you do it shall prosper! Let’s get back to praying and empower yourself in the War Room!

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