Commission for the Greater Work! The Crisis Identity!

It’s very vital that we hit the grounds running this year to reach the lost souls for the Kingdom of God. It’s time to do the “Greater Work” and reach out to those souls that are struggling with a “Crisis Identity” which today is known as homosexuality or the LGBT lifestyle. This is the “Greater Work” we have been commissioned to do. This can be a very sensitive topic for many people to talk about yet along witnessing to them.  Even among the Christians in our churches today from the pulpit to the pew, on the job, with friends, family members, love ones, and etc., it can be a very touchy matter to talk about. However, it has to be dealt with. We have to reach these individuals with the Word of God and with the love of God because our Lord and Savior is soon to return. And we have to ask ourselves “WHY” is this such a sensitive or touchy topic to talk about? Is it because we all know in our hearts what the word of God says about this particular sin? Whether you’re a believer or not a believer of God’s Word we know what the bible speaks concerning this sin.  Of course sin is sin, but this particular sin brought great damnation among the people of God in Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 19 clearly states what happened to those people in Sodom and Gomorrah that was living this lifestyle. blog image God said if they continue to lust after one another He will turn them over to a REPROBATE mind. (Romans 1: 27-28). Man lusting after man and woman lusting after woman.  A reprobate mind is when you believe what you are doing is alright and there’s nothing wrong with it regardless of what the word of God says about it. The enemy wants to kill, still, and destroy the people by attacking their minds. The enemy wants to give them a temporary feel good that will bring about a life time sentence in the pit of hell. He’s doesn’t won’t the people to know the truth of God’s word because he has a plan to destroy God’s people. He knows the truth of God’s word will save them. The enemy knows what the word of God’s says about this particular sin but yet he wants to blind the minds of the people to make them think its ok for man to lust after man and woman after woman. If this sin is not brought “under” subjection to the Word of God it’s going to bring great damnation upon those individuals that are living this lifestyle. When they reject the truth of God’s word they are rejecting to be saved. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man (Luke 17:26). We have been commission to do the “Greater Work”.  This is the “Greater Work” the “Crisis Identity”. This is a deadly corruptible disease and we must give them the truth of God’s Word. We must talk to them about this and show them what the Word of God says about this disease. It’s not acceptable in the eye sight of God, and it should not be acceptable to us to a point where we make the individual think its ok to live this life style. leviticusThe Word of God tells us to compel them to come. It’s never too late for healing and deliverance. God wants to save them from the destruction that lies ahead. It’s time to go beyond the four walls of the church and snatch these souls out of darkness.  If we’re going to reach people for Christ why not reach out to those individuals that are struggling with this sin. It’s a huge population and the enemy continues to spread this deadly disease like wildfire! It’s a big deception to make the people think it’s ok to live this life style. We talk to, laugh with, and smile in their faces every day to make them think they are heaven bound when they are hell bound. If they don’t repent and turn to Jesus for help they’re headed in a direction called “Broad Wide” that leads straight to pit of hell where they will spend eternal life. God didn’t tolerate this sin back then He’s surely not going to tolerate it now. We must do the “Greater Work”. This is the “Greater Work” that we have been commission to do. Jesus said He came to seek and save that which is lost. (Luke 19:10) And when living this type of lifestyle the individual is considered lost. Don’t let the blood be on your hand (Ezekiel 33: 1-11) and (Ezekiel 3:18). Share the Word of God.  If you approach the person the right way he or she will listen. If you come to the person with your nose and lips all turned up and ready to crucify he or she they will balk and you just lost a soul. Always walk in the love of God. However, never become comfortable with accepting that lifestyle that will make the individual think its ok to live that lifestyle because it’s not ok. Real love will share Christ with the individual. One of the biggest excused that is used today to keep the Saints from witnessing to these people is that one would say “I’m not judging”. It’s not judging at all.  It’s an excuse for sharing Christ with the individual. God Word will stand now and in the end. Give them the Word of God. And we have many modern day Sodom and Gomorrah Cities and Nations in this world today and it’s spreading like wildfire. This is the ‘Greater Work” that Jesus was speaking of In (John 14:12). This is the “greater work” Yes we have to do the greater work. This spirit is running rampant among our family members, churches, nations, and the world at large. It’s contanious! The harvest is so rotten now to a point where we must labor a little longer in the field. Yes, this is the “Greater Work” not the miracles, signs, and wonders you been looking for. It’s the Salvation of these people Souls that is at high risk. It’s a reason why Christ said we will do the “Greater Work” because He knew this would be the one sin that would spread like wildfire and the Saints would be challenged and afraid to witness to. We haven’t yet begin to do the greater work until we reach out to these group of people. All we’ve been doing is scratching the surface preaching to each other and reaching out to the so call already righteous, saved, sanctified, fill with the Holy Spirit, Fire Baptized, and tongue talking believers while this deadly disease is destroying God’s people. The signs of the times let us know we’re on the brink of something and Christ Return is soon. Saints of God someone is waiting for the light of God to show up to set them free. We are the light of the World that represent Christ. In 2019 let’s represent Christ and bring these lost souls into the Kingdom of God. Our God is a forgiven God. He will save their souls from the pit of hell if they repent of their sins and allow God to heal them.  We have been “Commission to do the Greater Work! The Crisis Identity! It’s time to get busy Saints! For more information about this crisis identity spirit click the link below that will direct you to the “Overcomer tab”. Blessings!

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