The Time of the End

Daniel Chapter 12: 1-13 : (The Good News Bible) The angel wearing linen clothes said, at that time the great angel Michael, who guards your people, will appear. Then there will be a time of troubles, the worst since nations first came into existences. When that time comes, all the people of your nation whose names are written in God’s book will be saved. Many of those who have already died will live again: some will enjoy eternal life, and some will suffer eternal disgrace. The wise leaders will shine with all the brightness of the sky. And those who have taught many people to do what is right will shine like the stars forever. He said to me, and now, Daniel, close the book and put a seal on it until the end of the world. Meanwhile many people will waste their efforts trying to understand what is happening. Then I saw two men standing by a river, one on each bank. One of them asked the angel who was standing further upstream, how long will it be until these amazing events come to an end? The angel raised both hands toward the sky and made a solemn promise in the name of the Eternal God. I heard him say, It will be three and a half years. When the persecution of God’s people ends, all these things will have happened. I heard what he said, but I did not understand it. So I asked, but, sir, how will it all end. He answered, you must go now Daniel because these words are to be kept secret and hidden until the end comes. Many people will be purified. Those who are wicked will not understand but will go on be wicked; only those who are wise will understand. From the time the daily sacrifices are stopped that is, from the time of the “The Awful Horror” 1290 days will pass. Happy are those who remain faithful until 1,335 days are over. And you Daniel, be faithful to the end. Then you will die, but you will rise to receive your reward at the end of time. People of God we are in “THE END TIMES” Jacob Troubles is upon us. Fast and Pray without ceasing.

About Outreach International Foundation Ministry

Outreach International Foundation Ministry and Tamike Brown Ministries is an evangelistic ministry that is on Fire for God and is determined to see people “Saved” from all parts of the world. Reaching out to change lives through the Power of God's Holy Word. Changing a Nation to the Glory of God. Salvation With Fire. We offer Biblical training that will empower and encourage churches to confidently win the souls within their communities, cities, and states to the Kingdom of God; by sharing their faith of the Gospel of Jesus with an understanding that will bring about everlasting change in the lives of all people who receive Jesus as their Lord and Personal Savior. Outreach International Foundation Ministry P.O. Box 490933 Atlanta, GA 30349 678.951.9276
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