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“I the Lord God of heaven and earth would say unto the churches in America, I have heard your cries and prayers. I know the hearts and minds of everyone and I know my children are begging me to expose the evil and bring swift justice and judgment upon the wicked. The stench of depravity and blasphemy against me fills my nostrils however, I want to remind you that the Satanic bondage within your country did not happen overnight and the evil which now surpasses even Noah’s time and the debauchery of Sodom and Gomorrah has grown deep roots in every facet of your land. As the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I see thy works and have weighed you in the balance and declare this day that you have fallen short in your responsibility to be a watchman on the wall. You turned your eyes away from me and focused on pleasure instead of following my voice. Your slumber caused the land to be filled with Luke warmness and you laughed at evil. You professed to be my church but have not considered the deceptions which you desire for me to uncover and punish also applies to you. The assemblies which gather and call themselves my church are also guilty of being dishonest and hypocritical and I am preparing to expose all who have been living a double life. You have left your first love and now I am shining my light of truth into your lives and the darkness will have nowhere to hide. You have refused to learn discipline. You have become rebellious toward the thoughts of sacrifice and have ignored my call to surrender your will. You have wrongly called me Lord because you failed to obey my word and now I am pulling back the covers and will expose your sins saith, God.

I called my people at the birthing of this nation to lead and guide this government and to create and enforce a legal system according to my divine truth. But instead of standing strong against the challenges of intentional sin and following my instructions to rebuke, reprove, and cast out demons, you turned your eyes away to the pleasures of the flesh and believed that everything would be alright. You refused to boldly confront sin and were not strong enough to fight against your own carnality. You became weak when you paid others to preach and pray for you and do the work of the ministry that I called you to do. You replaced taking up your cross and becoming a living sacrifice with a seeker-friendly social club of politics and entertainment. I am removing my candlestick from all of these assemblies and sadly the people do not even recognize it. Why? Because they do not know me. The churches did not want my presence; they turned their ears away from my prophets and chose to create and embrace a distorted gospel that made them feel good. You were foolish to underestimate your adversary and decided that interceding without ceasing was uncomfortable, extreme, unnecessary, and fanatical. Your churches became haughty and filled with delusion and deception. You allowed your will to control you instead of surrendering your will to me. I called you to holiness and sanctification and to walk in the power and authority of my word, name, and the blood of Jesus, but instead you justified your weakness and taught others that I was lenient and did not care about sanctification and transformation. Instead of calling my house a den of thieves, you said let us reason together and be happy. There are always consequences for not obeying me and my church in America is no exception.

You learned how to compromise and enjoyed playing games and negotiating with a carnal and wicked world. Your motives and intentions were based on carnality because you loved your sin more than having a personal relationship with me. You went to sleep at the wheel and allowed Satan to choose the direction of the country and gave the kingdom of darkness control of the government and legal system and this is the reason America has turned into a cesspool of filth, hatred, and corruption. Instead of being filled with my spirit and using my authority to advance and overcome the perversion and abominations of rebellion, you hid behind the walls of buildings and pretended to be strong. While you focused on prosperity, the world demanded their right to serve Satan and took control of the nation. And now that you are stirring from your slumber, you want me to immediately uproot all the evil and restore your land and return America as a nation under my name? Do you actually believe that I am going to rip the evil from the hearts of those who hate me? Did I not say that I love the world and gave my only son so that whosoever would believe in me would be saved and have eternal life? I do not force myself on anyone. You call yourselves patriots and are now begging me to prosecute and court marshal all the evil people within your government and restore the republic and the gold system that was lost, stop the abortions and overturn Roe vs. Wade, reverse same-sex marriage, stop the homosexual agenda, restructure the public education system into a Christian curriculum, enforce spiritual views of morality based on my word and make America a Christian nation. And you want me to do it immediately? I say unto you this day, instead of you waiting on me to cleanse the nation of sin and make it holy, I am waiting on you to put on the whole armor of God and take the initiative to step out on the battlefield and engage my authority against your enemy on the front line of spiritual warfare. Your life is not about living in peace and prosperity, it is about being obedient to me. If you want the devil and his followers to be taken out of power, you must go to war on your knees and use my authority to cast them out. Did I not promise that your warfare was spiritual instead of carnal and that you have the responsibility to pull down demonic strongholds and principalities in my name? The key to pleasing me is to do what I say to do. I did not call my people to purify the world, but to be led by my Spirit. My church needs to repent for disobeying me and must begin this hour to obey my voice, have my mind, and see the way I see.

I ask you this hour, where have I promised that I will rid the earth of evil before the return of Christ? Where in my Word have I declared that in the last days I will turn the world upside down and cause the earth to flourish as a paradise of peace and love? Did I not say that wickedness would increase, false prophets would mislead and deceive, and the love of many would wax cold? I promised that I would pour out my spirit on my sons and daughters, but this is not the same as removing immorality and darkness from the planet. Beware of false prophets and those who speak from their fleshly emotions for personal gain. Do you actually believe there will be a holy government that loves me as the masses sing praises to me and worship me? I said the world hates me and if you truly love me it will also hate you! Yes, there will be a millennial reign in the future where Jesus is the King of kings, but you are now in a time of intense tribulation and I’ve given Satan the liberty to carry out his agenda to steal, kill, and destroy. Wake up! Wake up saith the Lord of Host! While the end of the age is coming to a close, I am calling for my people to spend quiet time with me, to lead revivals and bring many to me in this last hour harvest, and to move with the Holy Spirit, but this does not mean I am going to destroy the wicked, remove the darkness, and bind Satan and his demons so that you can enjoy yourselves. You are going to face fierce resistance and persecution which is why you must dwell in the secret place of the Most High. In fact, the closer you live in my presence and the more involved you are for my kingdom the more likely you will face persecution, hatred, rejection, mockery, imprisonment, and even death. I can protect you and you can overcome sin by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony but I will not promise that you will never be a martyr for my glory.

You must understand your life is hidden with Christ and that to die for my sake is gain. This is why I call those who are fearless and who fight on the front line my holy remnant and the bride of Christ. My wise virgins have their lamps filled with oil and their wedding garments are clean and white and have no wrinkles. Do you not comprehend you are standing at the end of the age? These sheep and wheat are faithful and are but a tiny portion of the masses who claim to love me but who have no intention of

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